It's Time to master the basics.

it's time to master the basics.

Have you ever attempted to decorate your living space, envisioning a TV-like transformation, only to feel a bit underwhelmed with the results? I get it. It's like there's an elusive designer's touch that keeps slipping through your fingers. But not anymore, because I'm about to let you in on those well-kept secrets. Let's unveil the magic together, shall we?"

ready to elevate your style with ease and confidence?


Imagine the joy of effortlessly curating items you love for your home, where everything effortlessly complements each other. Although I can't make magic happen, I can guide you in personalizing your design style and crafting a foolproof plan, ensuring you know precisely what works and what doesn't for your home.

Like you, I once believed that decorating my home would be a breeze - just pick a color palette, and voilà! But reality hit hard as I discovered it was anything but simple. Rooms felt disconnected, styles clashed, and chaos reigned. However, being as stubborn as I am, I scrutinized every detail, and eventually cracked the code for a truly effortless and cohesive space. Now, I'm thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to learn my design process, one trusted by countless clients, and refined through my own trial and error. You don't have to go through the struggles alone; I'm here to support you every step of the way. 

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Skip the stress of figuring out the right order for tasks. With all the decisions that must be made, checking in and ensuring your design goals aren't lost is important. Follow my step-by-step guide to cover all your bases with ease.

An Effortless and User-Friendly Plan

Maximized Results, Minimal Time Investment

Confidence in Your Decisions

On average, it could take you up to 3 hours to find the perfect furniture piece, and that's only if you have a clear idea in mind. By crafting a well-thought-out plan, you can avoid spending excessive time on every minor detail.

Ultimately, you deserve the reassurance that the time and energy invested in your home will give you the results you're looking for. 

Here's What you need:

The best
course ever 


While I'm not one to boast, I must admit there's truly nothing quite like this. I can say this with confidence because I spent years searching before taking matters into my own hands. 

Module one explores common mistakes homeowners often make, and I will guide you through a strategic plan to minimize these errors effectively. The key is planning ahead.

As we transition to module two, we dive into fundamental design principles like the golden ratio and red thread, which will empower you to bring your unique vision to life. Additionally, we explore techniques for finding inspiration and curating an interior design style that beautifully aligns with your home and lifestyle.

Module one

Module TWO

Finally, in module four, we explore various approaches to budgeting for your projects, along with guidelines on how to allocate spending and make cost-effective decisions.

module four

As we progress to module three, we consolidate the concepts we've acquired and apply them to our individual design style. In this segment, I will share my special formula and assist you in creating a comprehensive guide that establishes your unique design style for your entire home.

Module Three

course breakdown:






How does this sound?

A personal and comprehensive design guide for your entire home.


This is what you can expect: 

Two hours of instruction, intentionally designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.


Four additional design resources for mastering the art of mixing design styles.


Peace of mind that comes from knowing you're creating exactly what you envision.



The ability to budget effectively for a high-end feel without having to pay high-end prices.

— michelle

"I used to spend HOURS endlessly searching for furniture and decor, unsure if they would fit together. But this course changed everything."

Allocate approximately an hour to watch the first half of the course. Afterward, you'll proceed with the design exercises independently.

First This

Next, you'll complete the second half of the course, where we merge the foundational concepts with your notes from your own design exercise.

Then this

Finally, I'll guide you through using my personal formula to create a design guide tailored to your home.

then this

How It Works

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

ask questions as you go

Follow a proven roadmap


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I'm a do-it-yourself or at least fail-trying kind of girl. So naturally, I thought creating my dream home would be easy enough. My first attempt was a HomeGoods nightmare, but what I learned along the way led me to create a set of guidelines that I now consider fail-proof. If you're looking for some support, I'm your girl. 



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I can't wait to help you curate the home of your dreams. If you're still unsure where to start, send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 



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