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Interior design doesn't need to be expensive, complicated, or intimidating. What you need is a guiding hand, someone who can lead you through the process. It's time for you to create the home of your dreams.

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Hey, New Home Owner:

Ready to decorate like a pro?

Your first place is an exciting milestone, whether it's a home, apartment, tiny house, or anything in-between. But what starts as excitement quickly turns to anxiety as we start making decisions. We all want the home that others gush over, to host the parties, and when asked who designed it to proudly say, "I did it myself". So, if you're ready to accept all the credit...

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Enroll in my course and begin embracing the role of a designer.


Schedule a 30-minute consult and get answers for your most specific questions. 


Dive deeper into current trends and all the best buys.

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I’m taylor,

I was so excited when I moved into my first home until I realized I had a lot to learn...

I'm a do-it-yourself or at least fail-trying kind of girl. So naturally, I thought creating my dream home would be easy enough. My first attempt was a HomeGoods nightmare, but what I learned along the way led me to create a set of guidelines that I now consider fail-proof. If you're looking for some support, I'm your girl. 


The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

- David Hicks

The foundations course


Whether you've recently acquired a new residence or are aiming to elevate your design style, this is the ideal starting point. Mastering a few key elements will significantly transform your home. 

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Designer advice, without the designer price tag. I'll help you tackle your biggest design challenges.

Virtual Design

i'll take the lead

Attain sophisticated designs at a fraction of the price. I'll provide the blueprint, and you'll put it into action.

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Ready to get started? Here are three topics essential for nailing any good design. 

NO. 1 - creating a ~vibe

No. 2 - color theory

No. 3 - fundamentals of mixing styles


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Interior design isn't optional. Whether it's intentional or not, it exists in your home right now. Our homes become an example of who we are and what we think of ourselves. Wouldn't it be nice if that space truly reflected who you are? Or better yet, who you're striving to be? 

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eco-friendly wallpaper 

I love the drama wallpaper can bring to a space but it's not the easiest thing to shop for. Here are the companies getting it right.

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break-up with ikea

Yes, I know it's cheap and convenient. But it's also the equivalent of buying your clothes at Forever 21; we can do better.

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The pop art of your dreams

Pop art, deco art, or disco, whatever you call it, it's a major trend.  Here are my top picks.

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Own Your Aesthetic

THE guide to getting it right

I hate to say it but loving Anthropologie is not the same as having a design style. Do you love antiques or are you a fan of bright florals? The more specific, the better. This is all about you! 

ready to level up?


The secret to great design is knowing the rules and how to break them. I'll teach you designer tips and tricks so you know exactly how to tackle the next project. Once you learn the basics, you'll feel comfortable adding your personal touch.



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For a limited time, I'm taking on new clients! Let's work together to create your dream home.

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